by Sara Cohen, Head of Learning at M-Shule

As much of East Africa enters the third wave of the pandemic, learn how M-Shule is innovating with its SMS knowledge-building platform to support teachers, students, and parents in combatting learning loss.

While the COVID-19 pandemic disrupted a wide range of sectors, education has been delivered a particularly hard blow. Estimates suggest that when schools closed in 184 countries worldwide, over 1.5 billion children were not learning. It is important to note that such interruptions to education can have long-term adverse effects, especially for vulnerable communities. Furthermore, “there is a real risk…

Learning Reflections after One Year of Coronavirus in Kenya

by Claire Mongeau, CEO of M-Shule

Schools have closed again as Kenya enters the third wave of coronavirus, and a looming question remains: how can families help their children keep learning and prevent learning slide? How can the education and innovation community ensure that learning poverty does not increase for vulnerable students?

More than 85% of Africa’s population works in the informal economy and 90% are low-income or poor. In Kenya, the challenges facing these low-income households have only increased in the one year since COVID19 came to the country. According to a survey by FSD Kenya, 75% of their…

M-Shule Team

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